“The starting point is the tension to the beauty, to the art, in a way that the surprise, the amazement, and the unexpected are also part of the architectural masterpiece”

Oscar Niemeyer (1907-2012)

Following this suggestion my father, the architect Armando Barraja, designed this Villa as a summer residential house to our family during the end of the 80’.  Recalling the wise teaching of the Modernism the Villa become a strong modern and rationalistic sign thanks to his architectural shape and to the materials used.

The Villa is a machine à habiter, it’s a mechanism to live the space’s qualities to the human’s life. Therefore we understand the balustrades or the little windows connotations, so similar to portholes, those elements brings in a new dimension, as to be in a side of a ship ready to raise anchor, ideally in the perfect position to go to the unlimited water horizon.

The Villa is made as a view system that is framing the changing landscape characterized by the iconic Mediterranean sea and by the verticality of Cape Zafferano Mountain that rise up over the blue sea.

Our family can enjoy this beauty just one month of holiday a year, so we think is fair to share it to everyone who would have the right sensibility to appreciate and understand the uniqueness of this location.

Giacomo Barraja